Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Microsoft to open Retail Stores...this is not an April Fools joke.

Microsoft hires former Wal-mart executive David Porter to lead the development and execution of their retail stores. No details on when, where, and how stores will be launched but with the success of the Apple stores, Microsoft wants to through their hat in the ring.

How is this going to effect the channel? While corporate clients most likely aren't going to make large purchases through the stores themselves is there going to be a WebMD effect? You know, the sick person goes to their doctor and says, "I think it's something-or-other-itis". "Oh really", says the doctor whom has been through a few years of medical school and training to be able to make an accurate assessment. "Yes", says the patient, "I read about it on the internet".

Are channel partners going to be faced with customers who think they know best because they spoke to a pimple faced 17-year old for 10 minutes at a Microsoft store?

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