Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dell using Twitter to boost sales

Working with B2B companies on their social media strategy, the first request I always get is "give me an example of another B2B company that has used social media." The one vendor that comes to mind is Dell. While they are a B2B and B2C company their social media practices have paid off in both arenas.

Dell's Channel Blog is a place for channel partners to hear up-to-date program and product news, comment on posts, and join the conversation.

Dell actually made $1 million from Twitter in 2008. By setting up a following and tweeting discounts and promotions Dell created a community of loyal Dell followers that are willing and able to buy. Not only that, they are most likely talking about their experience to other prospects. These aren't simply B2C products either. Channel partners are following the tweets as well. Let's not kid ourselves, this is only $1M to a company like Dell but how else could they use this exposure to boost sales? How could you?

Stay tuned for more social media success stories, who knows the next one could be you. Are you looking to figure out your social media strategy? Have you tried things that have been successful? Have you tried things that have failed miserably?


  1. Hello Heather,

    Really good to go through your blog i would like to get in touch with you and learn few things i am a Business Development guy and i am doing the same work lead generation i would like to learn some best practices.

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  3. I've tested a bunch of social media and have found that it depends on your customer base's commitment to your offering as well as their technology adoption level. The key things are to make no assumptions, test everything and kill off the losers. Given how new these media are, there inevitably will be a trial and error process.

  4. Social networks, feedback and comment pages, RSS feeds, blogs, forums etc. are the new age of marketing. They allow companies to talk to their customers and listen to their thoughts and ideas. Your customers are doing all the work for you. If you listen to their ideas and ask them what they want from your product or service you have identified what your customers dislike and found the solution.

    Companies such as Dell are using social networking sites as a way to reach out to clients and improve their relationship with customers. Customers have the power to make a business fail. If you don't listen someone else will.

    Join the conversation, listen and learn from your customers.

    Traditional media i.e. TV, billboard, radio, newspaper, magazine etc. are not as effective as social networks. It is more difficult to get your message across or get them to pay attention. How many people actually pay attention to TV ads? With TiVo you don't have to watch annoying commercials. Commercials YELL at your clients. Nobody listens to someone who yells.

    It will be interesting to see if a market beyond banner ads develops for social networks...No one is going to pay to join, but the information provided by each person is valuable to some. People tell you their likes/dislikes etc.

    Granted it's easier said than done, but once you find where your customers are located you have tapped an endless source of vital information and ideas. It's up to you to listen.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. Anirudh I'm happy to help, feel free to email me or follow me on twitter (both on the right column of my blog)

    Redsox11 great points. I was at Dell and saw how well they captured it. Other enterprise level companies have not done as well. A large part of it is monitoring what is being said about you so you can respond and build that loyalty/brand/reputation.

    Commercials are indeed yelling or interrupting and no one likes that. I am reading "The Longer Long Tail" and Chris Anderson nailed it, the entire entertainment industry is changing first music, now tv...you need to have a big hit or you just break even. Scary and exciting all at the same time.