Monday, March 2, 2009

Channel Programs, one size does NOT fit all!

Most channel programs have tiers they put their partners in.  Gold, Platinum, and Diamond or Professional, Advanced, and Super-duper Advanced.  Whatever you call it, just because you have neat little tiers that your solution providers fit into that does not mean those partners all need the same support whether financial, technical, or sales/marketing related.  You've tiered these companies most likely based upon how much revenue they bring you, how many events they attend, whether or not they've bought a demo unit, and how many certified professionals they have with you.  Does that mean you wouldn't give top tiering to a solution provider who has brought you $10M in revenue, has 20 certified professionals, and attends an event a month just because they won't buy a demo unit?  It had better not or you are SO missing the point.  

Solution Providers want a tier that fits THEIR business not yours and as the channel evolves vendors need to start realizing that they need to cater more to their Solution Providers.

How are your tiers set up?  Do you take your partners' business models into account?

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